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Feb 22

Termite Pest Control

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Are Termites White Ants?

Termites Look Like White Ants

Termites are secretive insects and often spend their entire lives out of the sun.

Being difficult to find contributes to the termite problem. By the time you know they are there it could be too late.

As a result, they can develop a whitish color and, because they are around the same size as ants, they came to be known as "white ants".

They are, however, not related to ants at all and belong in the same species classification as cockroaches! Like ants, they are territorial and aggressive and termite and ant colonies have been known to fight to the death.

Ants have long viewed termites as a food source and so termites have evolved to defend their nests by breeding a soldier cast with large mandibles to fight off enemies such as ants.

Video: Ants Vs Termites

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