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Dec 01
DIY Spring Valley Pest Control

DIY Pest Control

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This is a question I'm constantly asked.

"Can I Do My Own Pest Control in Spring Valley?"

And the answer is (like the answer to so many other things) "It Depends."

First, it depends on the type of infestation you have. There's a big difference between an infestation of ants, for example and an infestation of bedbugs. You can see the ants, and no matter how many there are, their origin is a single nest with a queen. If you're patient, you can lay down ant poison to be taken back to the nest and eventually kill the queen. If there are other nests in the vicinity, you can repeat the process until they are all wiped out. Of course, your Spring Valley pest control company can do it faster and more efficiently, but it's still possible to handle it as a DIY pest control project. See Overrun with Ants? Call the Spring Valley Pest Control Expert.


Bed bugs are a different matter. First of all, the situation is much more urgent. You and your children are being bitten overnight and are in danger of contracting a disease that the bugs may be carrying. And the rash caused by bedbug bites is very, very itchy.

Bed bugs are experts at hiding and no matter how much you spray, you won't find them all and they'll simply lay new eggs overnight. And even if you did somehow get all the adult bugs, there'll be a fresh hatching in a couple of weeks.

So I don't recommend that you do your own pest control for bedbugs. See Spring Valley Pest Control: Bed Bugs.

Children, Pets and Pest Control

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Another important factor that comes into consideration when asking the question "should I do my own pest control?" in Spring Valley is whether or not you have pets and children.

The fact is that all effective methods of pest control involve using poison. Most if not all pest control poisons are also harmful to humans and animals, whether by ingestion or simply by exposure.

Your Spring Valley pest control expert is exactly that when it comes to poisons - an expert. They know what poisons to use and how to make sure that you, your children and pets are kept safe from them.

Snail Bait Can Kill Your Dog!

Pest Control Poison Warning

Spring Valley gardeners often use snail bait to keep plant-eating snails and slugs out of their gardens.

Snail pellets are in fact the most common poisoning agent in the whole Spring Valley pest control area.

Unfortunately, snail and slug bait is extremely toxic to pets and its flavor is particularly attractive to dogs. During the spring and summer months, most Spring Valley vets treat pets poisoned by snail bait at least once a week. The toxic substance found in snail bait is a compound called metaldehyde. and it's mostly formulated in chewable pellets that are flavored with molasses, apple and bran to attract the snails.

Dogs find this a tasty treat as well. Even if you use the liquid or powder formulations instead, dogs can get it onto their paws and then lick it off as part of their grooming process. Signs of poisoning begin quickly after the bait is ingested. Generally, the first clinical signs observed are anxious behavior with mild twitching. This progresses to uncontrollable and severe twitching, followed by seizures and death if not treated promptly.

Use the Right Poisons

If you are determined to go down the Do My Own Pest Control path, make sure you use the right poison for the job. Here is a site with a lot of information Do Your Own Pest Control. They have been in business since 1982 and you can order products directly from their site.

Even if you are embracing DIY Pest Control, it will pay you to contact a local Spring Valley pest control expert. Even though you aren't engaging their services, they will help you with advice and local knowledge.

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