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Oct 31

Fleas and Your Spring Valley Pest Control Contractor

Spring Valley Pest Control Flea

Fleas are democratic. What do we mean by that?

They don’t care whom they bite.

If the Queen of England or the First Lady of the United States has a flea in her knickers, it will as happily bite her on the ass as it will you or me, and that’s just a fact.

Maybe for that reason, most people have more of a horror of fleas than of any other insect.

Spiders don’t count. They’re arachnids, not insects at all. I’ll deal with arachnophobia in another post. Personally, I quite like spiders. Except for the Sydney funnel web. He’s (and yes, unusually for spiders, it’s the male that’s aggressive and dangerous) one serious dude.


But I digress. Fleas. And engaging your Spring Valley pest control expert to get rid of them when you have an infestation.

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Spring Valley Pests: Fleas vs Cockroaches

Not quite as exciting as Batman v Superman, but we do seem to have too many of both fleas and cockroaches in Spring Valley.

And they really seem to be the two insects that cause an immediate “I’m revolted” reaction in most people.

And that’s bit strange, because cockroaches were once regarded as medical benefactors. Back in the days when the captain of a ship ordered sailors flogged for minor (often religious) infractions, cockroaches were often used to nibble away the infected skin and encourage healing.

It’s probably their “flat to the floor” shape and their scurrying habits that have given them such a bad rep. Hmm… that and along with the fact that they can carry infectious diseases. Actually, if you do have a cockroach infestation, don’t hesitate. Contact your Spring Valley pest control expert and get rid of them now.

Back to the Spring Valley Pest Control Fleas

Irrespective of how they feel about cockroaches, no one likes fleas.

Because they are parasites.

They transfer from dogs and cats to humans.

Here’s an old joke: A young boy and his dog are sitting opposite a lady in a train carriage.

The lady says “Keep that dog away from me, young man. I distinctly felt a flea on me.”

The boy replies by talking to his dog. “Stay away from that lady, Rover, she has fleas.”

The point being that anyone can have fleas, human or animal.

Spring Valley. DIY Flea Pest Control

Fleas itch.

They are difficult to get rid of because, unlike other parasitic insects, their eggs don’t stick to the host. Instead, they fall out to distribute themselves in carpets, rugs and flooring cracks.

Your Spring Valley pest control contractor can advise on the optimum flea pest control.

But also see our next post covering flea larvae, the flea life cycle, the advantages and disadvantages of DIY treatments like flea bombs, the differences between cat, dog and human fleas and the awful danger of tapeworm infestation transfer.

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