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Jan 07

How to Treat Bed Bugs

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Professional and DIY Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bugs Mating

Bed Bug Treatment Warning

Getting rid of bed bugs yourself is a tricky, complex and time consuming process that requires a number of products to be purchased.

Although this article leads you through the process, our recommendation is that you engage a local pest control professional who will have the local knowledge, equipment and product to eliminate your bed bug problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

There are 6 aspects to treating bed bugs in your home and each must be followed through to completion.

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Dec 01

Do My Own Pest Control

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DIY Spring Valley Pest Control

DIY Pest Control

Spring Valley Hornet Pest Control 400

This is a question I'm constantly asked.

"Can I Do My Own Pest Control in Spring Valley?"

And the answer is (like the answer to so many other things) "It Depends."

First, it depends on the type of infestation you have. There's a big difference between an infestation of ants, for example and an infestation of bedbugs. You can see the ants, and no matter how many there are, their origin is a single nest with a queen. If you're patient, you can lay down ant poison to be taken back to the nest and eventually kill the queen. If there are other nests in the vicinity, you can repeat the process until they are all wiped out. Of course, your Spring Valley pest control company can do it faster and more efficiently, but it's still possible to handle it as a DIY pest control project. See Overrun with Ants? Call the Spring Valley Pest Control Expert.

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